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Legacy Products

The following list indicates those items that are no longer sold by Microwave Networks¬† as “Standard Product”. They include products that were manufactured under several different names, including Avantek, Motorola Microwave, Telesciences, Microwave Networks Incorporated, Microwave Radio Corporation, Microwave Network Systems, California Microwave, and Tadiran Microwave Networks.

Microwave Networks continues to offers support and repair of these products at various levels. Please contact our Customer Support department for more information regarding your specific product.

Digital Radios & Multiplex

  • CM Series
  • Proteus AMT (not including L-Series or M-Series)
  • Pinnacle
  • DR +
  • DR Radios (MRC)
  • Telestar
  • K-Model Radios
  • Q-model Radios
  • Starpoint D-Series

Analog Radios & Multiplex

  • Starpoint
  • Starplus
  • Starplex

Network Management

  • Telescan 3000
  • Telescan 1000
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